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Ali Knapton
Ali Knapton has been working in the Australian film and television industry since 2010 including short & feature length films, music clips, theatre productions and commercial advertising. 

Ali has worked and trained in Canada and throughout Australia. She knows what is needed as an on-set artist and while creating special effects, prosthetics and props at a high-international level. Up to date with the latest trends, products and manufacturing processes you are guaranteed expertise with an eye for detail. 

She is creative, enthusiastic and adaptable to all environments.

Ali will guide you through your desired makeup effect with passion and creativity.

In this time she has headed numerous makeup and FX departments, supplied prosthetics & props and has taught many up and coming artists through privately run workshops and makeup colleges throughout Australia.

Some of Ali's clients include: Walk Disney Australia and NZ, Australian Taxation Office, TAC, Vic and NSW Police, Cricket Australia, Tourism WA, Cancer Council.

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